Hormesis Water

<What is Hormesis Water?>
Hormesis water’s row water comes from spring water.

Our Hormesis Water’s technology comes from the nature source.
We do not know about the Artificial radiation.
In Japan we have a radiation comes from the nature source.

In Japan we have a few strong nature source radiation hot spring.
In the place of the nature source radiation hot spring area many peoples including the foreigner visit there.

Some of the foreign country have a data for radon levels and lung cancer.

Hormesis Water update the mitochondria(Important)

We have a special technology for Hormesis Water.

Development as raw material (OEM compatible, lotion, bath agent, etc.) is possible.

Also we are lookiing for helping for making Hormesis Water.

Below movie is a interview to the Japanese client

We have a long movie below this link
long movie

If you need Hormesis Water you can buy from below link.

Hormesis Water 40cc

Hormesis Water 2000cc

Using Hormesis Water below picture is before after.

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