Hormesis Water activate Mitochondria

<Activate Mitochondria>
Mitochondria Activation is considered impossible with modern Japanese general medical technology.

Our group divides into the following glycolytic systems (prokaryotic cells) and mitochondria (eukaryotes).
We understand the following characteristics and activate the mitochondria.


Items Glycolytic systems (prokaryotic cells) Mitochondria (eukaryotes)
Origin 2 billion years ago After from 2 billion years
Nutrition source  Need glucose  Lipid · protein · ketone body + fatty acid
Activity temperature  Low temperature is best
(32℃, 89.6℉)
Temperature(37.2℃, 98.96℉)is best
 Region  Acidity  Neutral / Alkaline
 Fissionability  Divideable   Does not divide fleeting
Age   Active at child  Active with age
Nerve   Sympathetic nerves  Parasympathetic nerves
Oxygen   Dislike oxygen  Like oxygen
Efficiency   Energy efficiency is bad  Energy efficiency is good
Blood flow   Dislike blood flow  Like blood flow
ステロイド   Like steroids  Weakened by steroids
Characteristic Strong instantaneous power There is no instantaneous power, but it has endurance

<Detail for Glycolytic systems (prokaryotic cells)>
Prokaryotic cells are close to fungi and viruses.

If human body’s environment approaches that prokaryotic cells can live, human causes various diseases.

Typical examples: athlete’s foot and carious tooth (athlete’s foot is ringworm fungus)
Reference information → Approximately 80% of patients with the end term of cancer they were affected by athlete’s foot or carious tooth, also 30% had both.
(Above data is our inside data.)

Oh my goodness!!! Is cancer have a relationship with fungus or mold?

Answer⇒YES (Our group opinion, we have confident 99.999%)

This is for our group opinion also, cells of glycolysis type (prokaryote / cell) exceeds mitochondria and the cell of glycolysis type (prokaryote / cell) is detected is called cancer.

Although our group is a scientific group and we are not a doctors.
We conclude the above contents from the results.(Inside data)

It has been announced on the news paper in Japan that the anticancer drugs have no effect already (including the limited effect), so please judge by your self what is good and what is bad.

Let’s return to the topic at the beginning, effective way for activate the mitochondria is as below.
(Synergistic effect will occur with hormesis therapy)

Step 1
Do not use antipyretics as possible as you can even if body temperature is over 37.2 ° C. (Except if there is a special circumstances)

Please put in alkaline foods daily.

Please put in fermented foods daily.

If you add the step1 to 3 with hormesis therapy there is a great performance.



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